Special Advertising Pricing

had now been extended though the July issue!

(July advertising due June 20)




Horse Connections Special!!




The lock down has placed all our businesses into a tailspin!  We need to rebuild and get back on our feet.  And Horse Connections wants to help!




We know that everyone is on a tight budget right now, but we can all work together and get through this.




Horse Connections is offering an advertising special.  Only $5 will get your advertising started!  The rest of the cost can be paid in monthly payments – as many months as you need.  AND the cost of the advertising is on special.




One month of any size advertising is 25% off!  If you do three months of advertising, the regular discount applies and an additional month of advertising will be thrown in for free!




One month pricing – business card  – was $35 – now $26


                              quarter page   - was $61 – now $45


                              3/8 page         - was $80 – now $60


                              half page         - was $105 – now $74


                              full page          - was $165 – now $124


                              back cover       - was $205 – now $154




Four month pricing – business card - $94.50


                               quarter page  - $164.70


                               3/8 page        - $216.00


                               half page        - $283.50


                               full page         - $445.50


                               back cover      - $553.50




These specials are good for through May 22, 2020.




Let people know you’re out there and ready to do business!  Advertise in Horse Connections!!




(June issue advertising due May 20)


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The May 2020 issue is now available online for your viewing pleasure. Click here to view the issue.

The May 2020 issue includes:

  • Bedding for Horses
  • Horse Quotes from Literature
  • Upcoming Events
  • Subscriptions and Advertising
  • 2020 T.I.P. Non-Competition Applications Available
  • COVID-19 Has Changed the Equestrian Life
  • Ode to the Horse of a Lifetime
  • Steeplechase
  • Horse Terms
  • Adopting U.S. Army Caisson Horses
  • Horse Connections Advertising Specials!
  • PA National to Have Special Ceremonies
  • Penn State Extension Webinars
  • Classifieds


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