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Price Rate per month *

Back Cover  (10" x 8")


Full Page (10" x 8")



1/2 Page (5" x 8")


3/8 Page (4.75” x 5.5”)


1/4 Page (5" x 4")


Business Card (2.5" x 3.75")


*  Hyperlinks to websites, videos, emails and social media are included at no extra

    charge.  All ads are full color and there is no limit on the number of   


Special 4-Month Advertising Rates

Advertise for four months and get special discounted rates.


Back Cover - $553.50

Full Page - $445.50

1/2 Page - $283.50

3/8 Page - $216.00

1/4 Page - $164.70

Business Card - $94.50

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To e-mail order - The order form can be filled-in and saved.  E-mail saved form to
                          horseconnections@horseconnections.com.  Either e-mail or

                          send in artwork.
To send in order - Fill in order form, print out and send in.  Either e-mail artwork

                          or send in.


Advertising Rates


Display Ads:

All Prices are for full color ads.  Electronic versions of ads are preferred and can be e-mailed to horseconnnections@horseconnections.com.

Please include camera ready artwork or 2 business cards if sending ad via postal mail.


Classified Ads:

Basic charge for four lines or less is $14.00.  Each additional line or portion thereof is $2.00.  A Bold header may be added at no charge.


To approximate the length of your ad, use 40 characters per line including spaces and punctuation.




Checks should be made payable to Horse Connections.

(P. O. Box 228, Ingomar, PA 15127)


to pay with Pay Pal or a Credit/Debit Card

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Page Sizes


Price Rate

Back Cover



Full Page



3/4 Page (7.5” x 7.5”)



1/2 Page



3/8 Page(5” x 5.5”)



1/4 Page



Business Card



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The April 2021 issue includes:

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  • AHC 2022 National Economic Impact Study
  • Horse Whorl Superstitions
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